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Your number one source for all of your investigative needs with expert service and professionalism. We’re dedicated to providing you only the best with a focus on dependability and uniqueness from years of experience with sensitive and private matters. We guarantee that all of your personal provided information and all evidence obtained in the course of your investigation are kept strictly confidential.


Infidelity is breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner. That promise can take many forms, from marriage vows sanctified by the state to privately uttered verbal agreements between lovers. As unthinkable as the notion of breaking such bonds may be, infidelity is common—and when it does happen, it raises thorny and painful questions. Should you stay? Can trust be rebuilt? Can you and should you forgive and move on?


A whopping 79 percent of people surveyed would consider it cheating if their partner sent sexy text messages or pictures to someone else, and 60 percent said forming a deep emotional connection with someone other than their partner would constitute infidelity. Only 48 percent of people surveyed would consider it cheating if their partner kissed someone else on the lips; 26 percent would not consider it cheating and another 26 percent said they weren’t sure. As for reaching out to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook? Only 24 percent of people surveyed would consider it cheating. And those who frequent strip clubs can sleep easy too; less than a quarter of respondents (24 percent) would consider it cheating if their partner went to a strip club. A majority -– 61 percent –- would not consider it cheating.


Do you have that nagging feeling? Unrelenting suspicion? Something quite not right? Suspect cheating? Unfortunately, you are probably right. You know what people say about your gut feeling and how you should follow it. We perform a service of which you can either confirm your suspicions or prove the saying wrong all on digital video format and court legal report. Infidelity matters are extremely sensitive, fueled by emotion and very private to you. They need to be handled by a licensed, competent Private Investigator who is sensitive to your own needs with guarantee of privacy. Geared towards your specific needs, utilizing state of the art technology, real time GPS and advanced surveillance skills acquired only from years of hands on experience, we provide you with the best service and results. Each situation is unique and may require different methods of investigation. Hours, location and locations they may visit should all be considered to be provided when obtaining our service. The more intelligence that you provide us will lead to the greater success of your investigation. Whether you need to move forward with your life, repair a relationship or need evidence for court procedure, give us a call if you have suspect cheating.

State licensed and insured discreet private investigations that are operated twenty-four hours a day, seven-days a week and three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. All evidence obtained in your investigation as so in all legal, ethical, honest, and utmost professional manner. We guarantee with that all of your personal information is kept strictly confidential with non-disclosure-agreement.

That is what we are are and what we professionally perform with the best service available. When in need of instant reliable information call us based out of Beverly Hills, California. We also serve all cities in Orange County, San Diego, Ventura and up to San Francisco. Order service now and you could have answers by tonight, thank you for visiting we look forward to serving you.

Digital video file of all activities observed during surveillance operation investigations and a court legal report. Of which can either be securely e-mailed or evidence DVD mailed by postal carrier usually within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. We perform a unique and discreet on line service for all of your private matter needs. When you need professional service order the experts.

Warning Signs of an Unfaithful Spouse

Here are some warning signs that your spouse could be cheating on you.

  • Your spouse seems bored. Bored with you, with job, with kids, with hobbies, with life in general.
  • Your spouse seems to want danger or thrills in his/her life.
  • There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship. Your sex life is practically non-existent.
  • Your spouse has a low self-esteem.
  • You spouse doesn’t show any jealousy about you, no matter what you say.
  • You notice your spouse has a sense of confusion about self.
  • Your spouse has become lazy, especially around the house.
  • Your spouse is more negative.
  • You can’t get your spouse to communicate with you.
  • Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
  • Your spouse is suddenly more attentive than usual.
  • Your mate is working longer hours at work.
  • Your spouse is dressing nicer, looking nicer.
  • You notice charges on credit card statement that don’t make sense.
  • You are aware of different scents of cologne or after shave lotion on your spouse’s clothes.
  • Your spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.
  • You find your partner has been lying to you about a variety of things.
  • Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
  • The words “I love you” are not spoken by your spouse any longer.
  • He/she doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.
  • You can’t even get your mate to fight with you.
  • You feel as if you are being avoided.
  • Your partner abandons religious faith.
  • Your spouse seems more secretive.
  • You discover lipstick smudge on shirt.
  • You learn that you have an STD and you’ve not strayed.

Feelings Surrounding Marital Infidelity

Some feelings that are prominent when a couple experiences cheating in their marriage include:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Blame
  • Anger
  • Hurt
  • Disappointment
  • Rage
  • Embarrassment
  • Forgiveness
  • Jealousy
  • Lust
  • Resentment
  • Denial
  • Mis-trust

The most common answer to why spouses cheat is that something is wrong in the marriage and the affair is a bi-product of those problems, even when most other aspects of the relationship are working well. “The problem” is often one that the faithful spouse who would never think of cheating does not see or has elected to ignore for one reason or another. Other times, the marriage has changed and evolved in a way that leaves the cheating husband or cheating wife feeling left out or somehow empty. Those changes may include a shift in attitudes toward one another and the problems ensue. When a spouse feels that his or her needs are not being met, some turn to their work, others to drugs or alcohol and many to the arms of another man or woman. Although this appears to be the most common cause, there are others who engage in an affair or infidelity purely for the sex. They do not want their relationship to end, they simply seek the thrill that being with someone else brings. Either way, the pain, humiliation and betrayal are the same.